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"Thank you" to all of our guests who
have made Whaler's Cove what it is today! 

The Founder's Club was established in 2014 to show our appreciation to our long term guests who have contributed to the success of the lodge by paying full retail price for 5 trips.  These guests have shown their loyalty and enthusiasm for the lodge year after year and we are honored to give back.

To Qualify:
Founder's Club membership is granted to a guest who has made 5 trips to the lodge and paid the full retail, adult rates for those five trips.  You will become a Founder upon your 6th trip.  

1. *Lifetime 10% discount on all Founder trips 
2. Additional 50 lbs box of processed and packaged fish; fish caught by Founder.
3. Personalized Memorabilia
4. Periodic Offers extended only to Family of Founder's Club members.
5. Gift of Gratitude received during each stay at Whaler's Cove Lodge

*Discount cannot be stacked or added to other discounts. If a Founder wins a 2-for-1 Halibut Give-Away, for example, they can enjoy the free trip, then the following year enjoy their Founder's Club discount.
*Benefits are non-transferrable; they are to be earned and enjoyed by the Founder.

The Founder's Club logo is a Dog Salmon in honor of
Richard Powers, the original Founder and current Host
of Whaler's Cove Lodge.    
He was adopted into the Dog Salmon Clan in Angoon in the early 1970's.