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Whaler's Cove offers the best combination of fresh or saltwater fishing anywhere in Alaska! Our guests have the daily choice of either kind of fishing and can even take advantage of doing both if they would like! Since our lodge is centrally located and we don't have to fly our guests out to saltwater or into a stream, it extends our clients fishing time as compared to other lodges.

Our Area

Within 1 hour of our lodge, via our 22' Boulton Freshwater Guide Boats, we can utilize 45 separate freshwater streams and rivers. And within an hour's reach using a chartered float plane, we can fish in over 1000 freshwater lakes, streams and rivers. We can accommodate parties of 1 to 6 anglers per boat/guide.

The lakes in our vicinity have good shore access, but are generally more easily fished from a boat or with waders near the inlet or outlet streams. If you're an avid angler seeking that IGFA World Record, our professional guides are very knowledgeable and can lead you to your dreams and assist with certifying your trophy.

Freshwater fishing opportunities abound in the Whalers' Cove area. There are many secluded streams inside the bays of Admiralty, Baranof, and Chichigof islands. These clear waters are home to four species of salmon, plus rainbow trout, steelhead, cutthroat, and Dolly Varden. The productivity of these streams is one of the many reasons for the awesome natural abundance of this region.

Fish Species in Fresh Water

Salmon are the main link in the food chain. They are essential to all life in Alaska. It is the salmon that connect the land and the sea. Returning to the waters of their origin, the salmon emerge from the sea in huge waves with each high tide. We have 4 species of pacific salmon in our local streams and several trout species. Below is a list of the species with peak fresh water run times;

Coho (Silver) Salmon     -    Late July to October

Sockeye (Red) Salmon    -    Late June to August

Humpy (Pink) Salmon    -    Mid July to Late August

Chum (Dog) Salmon    -    Mid July to Late August

Cutthroat Trout    -    Year Round

Dolly Varden Trout    -    Year Round

Rainbow Trout    -    Year Round

Steelhead (Sea Run Rainbow)    -    Early June to Mid July


Guides and Boats

All fresh water fishing trips at Whaler's Cove Lodge are fully guided. Within 1 hour of our lodge, via our 22' to 26' Freshwater Guide Boats, we can utilize 30 separate freshwater streams and rivers. Within an hour's reach using a chartered float plane, we can fish in over 300 freshwater lakes, streams and rivers. We can accommodate parties of 1 to 6 anglers per boat/aircraft/guide. Extra charges apply to fly out trips*

Whalers' Cove expert guides anchor our fresh water guide boats at the mouth of these secluded streams. We walk the riverbanks to pools of salmon stacked up on their upstream migration. We rarely see other anglers, but we frequently see brown bears feeding on salmon.

Spin and fly casting are equally successful. Experienced and novice anglers can enjoy fast action fishing in these fish-packed waters. The fish do most of the work. Fishing the lower parts of these rivers, we hook bright wild salmon that offer aggressive action. Hard fighting, these fish are on a mission to their spawning ground.

Since we are fishing on the home waters of the salmon, please note that the limits on keeping salmon can be less than in saltwater (depending on the system). The amazing sight of the spawning streams, plus fast fishing action, is what fishing dreams are made of.


Fresh Water Tackle & Gear Provided 

All of our rivers, streams and lakes are crystal clear and pure, free of the glacial silt that is prevalent in mainland areas of Alaska. These systems support large numbers of schooling Coho, Sockeye, Pink and Chum Salmon as well as Steelhead, Dolly Varden, Rainbow and Cutthroat Trout. The streams are wide, gentle flowing and easily wadable with good access for fly, cast or spinning tackle.

  Spin Casting

All of our vacation packages include the use of our Temple Fork spin cast rods equipped with Penn BTL series reels. If an angler would like to use his own gear, we recommend medium-light action spin or bait-casting rods with 10 to 12 pound test line for salmon or light action for trout with 6 to 8 pounds test.


As for the tackle, we use #0 - 2 spinners for trout as well as small chrome spoons and other chrome lures. For salmon, we use spinners in the #2 - 5 class with body colors of chrome, blue, fire orange, hot pink, chartreuse, pine green and brass. 

 Fly Fishing

As for the fly fisher, we provide 5/6 Wtg & 7/8 Wtg class Temple Fork Outfitter rods and reels with weight forward floating line. If you are an avid fly angler and would prefer to use your own gear, we recommend a 5/6 weight rod for trout or pink salmon or a 7/8 weight rods for the Coho, Sockeye and Chum Salmon. For line, we recommend weight forward floating for our streams, but also to bring an intermediate sink or shooting heads for the deep holes. As for the flies, your guide has well stocked boxes that he ties for you.


If you would like to tie your own, think wet and brightly colored for Coho and Pink Salmon. For Chum salmon, think sparse with pink or drab olives. Sockeye we just use yarn! Hook sizes on all flies for salmon should be in the #2 class. The best pattern for early season salmon in our area is the Egg-Sucking Leech with a purple body and fuchsia head on a size #4 hook that has been weighted.

Now the trout are a different story, again think wet since most of the trout are sea-going and have always survived on shrimp and other minnows. The trout of our region are caught on flashabou flies, drab olive colors with crystal flash for accents and assorted other minnow patterns in hook sizes averaging #6 - 8.

Cabela's Guide Class Light Weight Chest Waders & Boots

We have a large inventory of Cabela's chest waders and boots to fit most any sized adventure angler.

Floatation Aids

All fresh water anglers are equipped with high back NRS Chinook floatation vests to ensure a safe experience among our streams and lakes. 

 The WCL Experience on Fresh Water

Join us for a unique adventure that will put you or your small private party on some of Alaska's most amazing and pristine fresh water systems without seeing any other people!

Fresh water trips are available daily!


*All-Inclusive Adventure Packages Include:

Round-Trip Transportation between Juneau and Whalers Cove Lodge is Included! 

  • Round trip float plane ( www.WardAir.com) or high speed catamaran ferry trip (charted through Allen Marine), including 50 lbs of inbound and outbound personal luggage per person; Includes 100 lbs to 150 lbs of outbound processed fish per person (depending on length of trip). The three and four day packages include up to 2 - 50 lb boxes per person, the six and seven day package include up to 3 - 50 lb boxes per person, and the 8 day packages include up to 4 - 50 lb boxes per person.

Gourmet Food, Snacks and Non-Alcoholic Beverages

  • Daily Hot Breakfast Buffet and Alaskan Sized Gourmet Family Dinner served buffet style in the main lodge
  • A Lunch Buffet is set out every morning for you to choose just the right lunch for your tastes.
  • Coffee, tea, juices, soda-pops, mixers, and water are provided. 


  • Clean, comfortable rooms and cabins with private bathrooms are situated on the lodge property
  • ADA Accessible rooms are available

Daily Room Service

  • Our professional and friendly housekeeping staff will make up and clean your room daily.

Laundry Service

  • We provide daily guest laundry services so you don't have to bring your whole wardrobe...all complimentary!

Guided Packages Include 

  • Daily Guided Fishing with experienced United States Coast Guard  licensed captains on our fleet of custom built 32' diesel powered aluminum vessels, all safety equipment, fish coolers loaded with ice, all fishing gear and tackle, bait and fuel. 

Self-Guided Packages Include 

  • 18' to 24' fishing boat equipped with video fish finders, radios and power tilt outboard motors, all safety equipment, fish coolers loaded with ice, all fishing gear and tackle, bait and fuel.
Modern Fish Processing
  • Daily fish cleaning and cutting to your specifications, commercial vacuum packaging and flash freezing is all included. 
  • Boxes are wet-lock, insulated airline approved for checked in baggage, and hold up to 50 pounds each.
  • The three (3) and four (4) day packages include 2 - 50lb boxes per person (100 lbs)
  • The six (6) and seven (7) day packages include 3 - 50lb boxes per person (150 lbs)
  • The eight (8) day packages include 4 - 50lb boxes per person (200 lbs)

Fishing Equipment

  • All Rods, Reels, Downriggers, Tackle and Bait...it's all included!

Other Gear Provided**

  • Rain Gear
  • Rubber Calf Length Boots
  • Hip Waders
  • All boating safety equipment required by USCG regulations
  • Kayaks and related safety equipment are available for guest use at your leisure; using the Buddy System. 
  • **Based on availability 

 Not Included
  • Commercial Airline Transportation to/from the Lower 48.
  • Hotel Stay In Juneau
  • Alaska state fishing license and King salmon stamp  2017 Fishing Rates click here 
  • Excess fish processing ($3.00 per lb over alloted package amount)
  • Excess luggage over 50lbs on float plane transportation. 
  • Fuel Surcharge of up to 5% may apply, announced January of each year.
  • Gratuities
  • Alcohol (Due to local City of Angoon "Damp" Law, guests must purchase their libations in Juneau and bring them out to Whaler's Cove).  This is a BYOB situation.

City of Angoon Sales And Bed Taxes
Please note that the City of Angoon notified the lodge on January 3, 2017 of the Sales and Bed Taxes that were voted in as of September 28, 2016.  Reservations will now have a breakdown of room charges, transportation to/from Juneau, and all applicable taxes.  We have done our best to accommodate this change for the City while maintaining our published prices for 2017 and 2018. In our efforts to provide the best customer service while maintaining our obligations of the cost of doing business, there is a small fluctuation in the 2018 rates.  If you have made a reservation before our lodge was Certified by the City of Angoon to collect the Sales Tax and Bed Tax, you will not be charged a sales or bed tax, you will pay the rate that you were quoted at the time of confirming your reservation. Please feel free to call our business line if you have any questions.  Thank you, 907-723-3901 
*Whaler's Cove Lodge reserves the right to change or modify our published package prices or services at any time and without written notice.  
All prices, packages, and services are subject to availability and are on a first-come, first-serve basis.
All rates are per person.
(800) 423-3123
These tours are operated under special use permit with the U.S. Forest Service in the Tongass National Forest.  This company is an equal opportunity provider.