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At Whaler's Cove Lodge you have the option of fishing ~ Self Guided!  

We recommend this package for the experienced boater. 
Our Boats

We offer self guided packaged for the experienced boater/angler. Our growing fleet of 22' to 24' welded aluminum boats with 130 hp to 225 hp Honda outboards are safe and perfect for exploring the protected waters surrounding Whaler's Cove Lodge. All boats are completely outfitted with radios, video fish finders/GPS units, all gear, equipment, bait, fish cooler loaded with ice and fuel. All you need to do is get on and go! We clean your boat and restock your gear at the end of each day.  

Our Salt Water Fishery

Whaler's Cove Lodge offers the widest variety of fishing available in Alaska. You can choose to target a wide array of species on a daily basis. Click here to see a list of species available.


The Area

 Click here for larger map


Our waters are a hundred miles from any other towns, so we enjoy wilderness fishing without day traffic pressure from commercial and sport fleets. You won't find boats from other lodges anchored where you want to fish. We enjoy productive fishing on 10 to 30 minutes from our private dock. Calm waters, created by the sheltered weather effect of nearby islands adds to the pleasure of fishing at Whaler's Cove Lodge!



At Whaler's Cove Lodge, we provide the all the tackle! For our saltwater enthusiasts, we provide a wide array of tackle for the variety of fishing in our area. You can have your choice of levelwind, down rigger, "knuckle buster" mooching, fly or spinning in light, medium or heavy action for salmon. As for halibut, we recommend using our heavier standup rods designed for the monsters that we pull from the depths.

Crew Assistance

Upon arrival at the lodge, key staff members will assist in showing you to your assigned boat, take you through the operation and emergency procedures, talk over the array of tackle and aid in rigging your rods with what the fish are currently hitting on. The "Fish-Master" will also direct you to the current areas where the guides are fishing. As mentioned above, there is a radio onboard your vessel which you can use to contact the "Fish-Master", lodge or guide boats to assist you if you need any help trying to locate and catch or land a monster, which happens a lot at our lodge. Self-guided anglers will receive plenty of assistance from the dock crew and guides to make your fishing safe and productive.

Fish Processing

When you return to the dock at the end of the day, your fish will be filleted, vacuum sealed, and flash frozen. Your fish will be boxed in airline-approved shipping boxes for your trip home. The taste of Alaska shared with family and friends will be a wonderful part of your Alaskan fishing adventure.

Combination Packages


              We offer combination Guided/Self Guided Packages for guests staying a minimum of 6 Days. That's 3 days of Guided                                                                                 Fishing and 3 days of Self Guided Fishing!!

Benefits of Self Guided Fishing

  • Fish at your own pace; leave the dock at your leisure, return by 5:00pm.
  • Early morning or late evening fishing pending approval of float plan (your safety is our primary concern!).
  • Targeting a species or touring the region. You name it! You're the captain of your own vessel.
  • Retain 2 Halibut per day of any size! Alaska Halibut Charter regulations do not apply to self guided anglers!


 Courtesy of Kent Thomas 2013

*All-Inclusive Adventure Packages Include:

Round-Trip Transportation between Juneau and Whalers Cove Lodge is Included! 

  • Round trip float plane ( www.WardAir.com) or high speed catamaran ferry trip (charted through Allen Marine), including 50 lbs of inbound and outbound personal luggage per person; Includes 100 lbs to 150 lbs of outbound processed fish per person (depending on length of trip). The three and four day packages include up to 2 - 50 lb boxes per person, the six and seven day package include up to 3 - 50 lb boxes per person, and the 8 day packages include up to 4 - 50 lb boxes per person.

Gourmet Food, Snacks and Non-Alcoholic Beverages

  • Daily Hot Breakfast Buffet and Alaskan Sized Gourmet Family Dinner served buffet style in the main lodge
  • A Lunch Buffet is set out every morning for you to choose just the right lunch for your tastes.
  • Coffee, tea, juices, soda-pops, mixers, and water are provided. 


  • Clean, comfortable rooms and cabins with private bathrooms are situated on the lodge property
  • ADA Accessible rooms are available

Daily Room Service

  • Our professional and friendly housekeeping staff will make up and clean your room daily.

Laundry Service

  • We provide daily guest laundry services so you don't have to bring your whole wardrobe...all complimentary!

Guided Packages Include 

  • Daily Guided Fishing with experienced United States Coast Guard  licensed captains on our fleet of custom built 32' diesel powered aluminum vessels, all safety equipment, fish coolers loaded with ice, all fishing gear and tackle, bait and fuel. 

Self-Guided Packages Include 

  • 18' to 24' fishing boat equipped with video fish finders, radios and power tilt outboard motors, all safety equipment, fish coolers loaded with ice, all fishing gear and tackle, bait and fuel.
Modern Fish Processing
  • Daily fish cleaning and cutting to your specifications, commercial vacuum packaging and flash freezing is all included. 
  • Boxes are wet-lock, insulated airline approved for checked in baggage, and hold up to 50 pounds each.
  • The three (3) and four (4) day packages include 2 - 50lb boxes per person (100 lbs)
  • The six (6) and seven (7) day packages include 3 - 50lb boxes per person (150 lbs)
  • The eight (8) day packages include 4 - 50lb boxes per person (200 lbs)

Fishing Equipment

  • All Rods, Reels, Downriggers, Tackle and Bait...it's all included!

Other Gear Provided**

  • Rain Gear
  • Rubber Calf Length Boots
  • Hip Waders
  • All boating safety equipment required by USCG regulations
  • Kayaks and related safety equipment are available for guest use at your leisure; using the Buddy System. 
  • **Based on availability 

 Not Included
  • Commercial Airline Transportation to/from the Lower 48.
  • Hotel Stay In Juneau
  • Alaska state fishing license and King salmon stamp  2017 Fishing Rates click here 
  • Excess fish processing ($3.00 per lb over alloted package amount)
  • Excess luggage over 50lbs on float plane transportation. 
  • Fuel Surcharge of up to 5% may apply, announced January of each year.
  • Gratuities
  • Alcohol (Due to local City of Angoon "Damp" Law, guests must purchase their libations in Juneau and bring them out to Whaler's Cove).  This is a BYOB situation.

City of Angoon Sales And Bed Taxes
Please note that the City of Angoon notified the lodge on January 3, 2017 of the Sales and Bed Taxes that were voted in as of September 28, 2016.  Reservations will now have a breakdown of room charges, transportation to/from Juneau, and all applicable taxes.  We have done our best to accommodate this change for the City while maintaining our published prices for 2017 and 2018. In our efforts to provide the best customer service while maintaining our obligations of the cost of doing business, there is a small fluctuation in the 2018 rates.  If you have made a reservation before our lodge was Certified by the City of Angoon to collect the Sales Tax and Bed Tax, you will not be charged a sales or bed tax, you will pay the rate that you were quoted at the time of confirming your reservation. Please feel free to call our business line if you have any questions.  Thank you, 907-723-3901 
*Whaler's Cove Lodge reserves the right to change or modify our published package prices or services at any time and without written notice.  
All prices, packages, and services are subject to availability and are on a first-come, first-serve basis.
All rates are per person.
(800) 423-3123

These tours are operated under special use permit with the U.S. Forest Service in the Tongass National Forest.  This company is an equal opportunity provider.