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Fish Species & Timing                                              
Fish Species                         

Peak Run                  



King Salmon (Chinook)  July (all) Year Yound      N/A
Chum Salmon (Dog)   July 15           6/15 - 8/15                        7/1 - 9/1
Silver Salmon (Coho Salmon)  September         7/1 - 9/15                          7/15 - 10/15
Pink Salmon (Humpy)    August  7/1 - 9/1 7/1 - 9/1
Red Salmon (Sockeye)  July N/A 7/1 - 8/15
Halibut                Late August     Year Round                             N/A
Rockfish (20 species)  Year Round                            Year Round                             N/A
Pacific Cod (Gray)     Year Round Year Round  N/A
Black Cod (Sablefish) Year Round Year Round  N/A
Ling Cod Year Round Year Round  N/A
Dolly Varden Char        Year Round June/July  7/1-10/31
Cutthroat Trout Year Round June   7/1-10/31
Steelhead (Sea-run Rainbow) June 15  N/A 5/31 - 7/15
Shrimp     Year Round  Year Round N/A
Dungeness Crab Year Round Year Round N/A