In addition to the gift certificate and eligibility in the twice weekly Great Halibut Giveaway rewards, all kayak anglers are entered to win in the 2018 Whaler’s Cove Lodge Kayak Fishing Tournament! This season long tournament is dedicated to kayak adventure anglers only. Rewards for the largest (released) halibut, largest (retained) king salmon, silver salmon and rockfish are given at season end!

We will announce the season winners on September 7, 2018!

Largest (for season) Kayak Halibut release – Two 7-day guided trips

Largest (for season) Kayak King Salmon – Two 6-day guided trips

Largest (for season) Kayak Silver Salmon – Two 4-day guided trips

Largest (for season) Kayak Rockfish – Two 3-day guided trips

**Gift Certificates Will Be Valid For Future Trips Booked During June-July 10/August 20- September Dates Only**