Fully Guided Adventures

All-Inclusive Eco, Fishing, or Combination Guided Boat-Based Packages – Full DAYS!

Rates for the 2022 & 2023 Season:

3 Full Days/3 Night
All Inclusive, Guided

June 26 – July 13
$3,750 Per Person + tax

July 14 – August 30
$4,050 Per Person + tax

August 31 – September 10
$3,750 Per Person + tax

4 Full Days/4 Night
All Inclusive, Guided

June 26 – July 13
$4,995 Per Person + tax

July 14 – August 30
$5,400 Per Person + tax

August 31 – September 10
$4,995 Per Person + tax

7 Full Days/7 Night
All Inclusive, Guided

June 26 – July 13
$8,750 Per Person + tax

July 14 – August 30
$ 9,450 Per Person + tax

August 31 – September 10
$8,750 Per Person + tax

What’s Included

  • Your choice of any and all of the following activities: Boat-based salt water fishing, salt or fresh water kayak fishing, salt or fresh water fly fishing, eco tours.
  • Daily Guided Fishing with experienced United States Coast Guard  licensed captains on our fleet of custom built aluminum vessels, all boating safety equipment required by USCG regulations, fish coolers loaded with ice, all fishing gear and tackle, bait and fuel.
  • Transportation:  Round-trip Float Plane ( www.WardAir.com) including 50lbs of inbound and outbound personal luggage per person.
  • Meals:  Gourmet Food, Snacks and Non-Alcoholic Beverages; Plated Daily Hot Breakfast and Plated Alaskan Sized Gourmet Dinner served in the main lodge; a Lunch Buffet is set out every morning for you to choose just the right lunch for your tastes; and coffee, tea, juices, soda-pops, a well stocked mixing station for the adult beverages, and water are provided.
  • Lodging:  Clean, well appointed rooms and cabins with private bathrooms and either amazing views or nestled into the woods, are situated throughout the lodge property; Our professional and friendly housekeeping staff will make up and clean your room daily.
  • Modern Fish Processing:  We immediately process your catch to your specifications daily.  Commercial vacuum packaging and flash-freezing is all included. Your catch leaves with you as baggage or can be delivered to Fed Ex to make a speedy trip to your freezer. The quality of this product is world class and we take the time to be sure it is done right!
  • Boxes are wet-lock, insulated airline approved for checked in baggage, and weigh up to 50 pounds each. The box and packaging can weigh up to 2lbs, and the rest of the weight is your fish.
  • The three (3) and four (4) day packages include up to 2 – 50lb boxes per person (100lbs)
  • The  seven (7) day packages include up to 3 – 50lb boxes per person (150lbs)
  • The eight (8) day packages include up to 4 – 50lb boxes per person (200lbs)
  • Fishing Equipment:  All Rods, Reels, Downriggers, Tackle and Bait…it’s all included!
  • Other Gear Provided:  Rain Gear (Heavy Duty Grundens jackets & bibs), Rubber Calf Length Boots (Xtra-Tuff), Waders & Boots (Cabela’s); Hobie Kayaks and related safety equipment are also available!

Note on Wifi and Cell Service:  we are REMOTE. Wifi is not available and there is limited ATT service – if you stand on the front desk, with all of your weight on your left foot, on Thursday morning.  This is an experience where you “unplug and reconnect.”  

What’s Not Included

  • Commercial Airline Transportation to/from the Lower 48.
  • Hotel Stay In Juneau – We offer discounts through our Partner Hotels.
  • Alaska state fishing license and King salmon stamp
  • Excess fish processing ($3.50 per pound over allotted package amount)
  • Excess luggage over 50lbs on float plane transportation.
  • Fuel Surcharge may apply, announced when vendors announce their market rates.
  • Gratuities
  • Alcohol (Due to local City of Angoon Law, Guests Must Purchase Their Libations in Juneau and Bring Them Out to Whaler’s Cove).  This is a BYOB situation.
  • State or Local Taxes.

Here at Whaler’s Cove Lodge:

  • We do not have a phone tree – but we have spruce, hemlock, and cedar.
  • We do not have a booking engine – we have a Guest Services Team to talk and plan with.
  • Our guest to crew ratio is 1:1.
  • We are THE Alaskan Legacy Lodge that literally makes the water you drink, creates your meals from scratch, repairs the vessels that you use each day, and builds the cabins you sleep in.
  • This is an amazing place to Unplug and Reconnect ~ we are happy to share it with you!

Call us and Jay will answer to coordinate a most memorable vacation!   It’s all right here ~ the authentic Alaskan experience!

Call Kyla to Book Your Fishing Adventure at Whaler’s Cove Lodge!

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