The Founder’s Club logo is a Dog Salmon in honor of Richard Powers, the original Founder and current Host of Whaler’s Cove Lodge. He was adopted into the Dog Salmon Clan in Angoon in the early 1970’s.

Thank you to all of our guests who have made Whaler’s Cove Lodge what it is today!

Join the Founder's Club!

The Founder’s Club was established in 2014 to show our appreciation to our long term guests who have contributed to the success of the lodge by paying full retail price for 5 trips. These guests have shown their loyalty and enthusiasm for the lodge year after year and we are honored to give back.

Founder’s Club membership is granted to a guest who has made 5 trips to the lodge and paid the full retail, adult rates for those five trips. You will become a Founder upon your 6th trip.

1. *Lifetime 10% discount on all Founder trips
2. Additional 50 lbs box of processed and packaged fish; fish caught by Founder.
3. Personalized Memorabilia

*Discount cannot be stacked or added to other discounts. If a Founder wins a 2-for-1 Halibut Give-Away, for example, they can enjoy the free trip, then the following year enjoy their Founder’s Club discount. Benefits are non-transferrable; they are to be earned and enjoyed by the Founder.


We believe in conserving our resources and to prove it we introduced the Whaler’s Cove Lodge Great Halibut Giveaway in 2011.

Current federal halibut regulations require that any halibut caught on a guided vessel between the length of 50″ and 80″ must be released. This is an effort to leave the active breeding stock and retain only (the better eating up to 50lb average) halibut, while still allowing an angler to keep a trophy fish.

The choice is yours if you happen to hook up a monster over 80″ (roughly 276 lbs).  Keep it for bragging rights, or release it for a chance at a free return package deal at Whaler’s Cove Lodge!

Winning anglers will receive a gift certificate for free return trips!   Details of 2021 Awards to be announced in April of 2021!! See rules below.

Great Halibut Giveaway Rules
1. Halibut Giveaway participants must be on a guided vessel the day of the release with a Whaler’s Cove Lodge captain to verify size of halibut, including a photo with measurement.
2. Award trips must be used by the end of the scheduled season 2 years hence from award.
3. The value of award may be applied to groups or trips of longer duration at time of award.
4. The redemption of the award shall be at standard rates for the year the award is used.

The Great Halibut Give-Away is a summer long tournament!  From June 25, 2021 through September 10, 2021 guests will be compelled to release halibut from 50″ to 72″ in length.  A halibut over 72″…well that’s your choice. If you decide to release it – you are then entered into the Tournament!

2021 Prizes!

1st Prize – 4 FREE, 4-Day Fully Guided Trips

2nd Prize – 2 FREE, 4-Day Fully Guided Trips

3rd Prize – 2 FREE – 3 -Day Fully Guided Trips

Tournament brackets will be posted and updated at the Guest Services Desk throughout the summer.

Weekly largest halibut that are caught and released, but are not large enough to win a bracket in the tournament, will receive a “Conservation Prize”.

Winners to be Announced at breakfast (Alaska time) September 11th, 2021!  No need to be present to win, we will call you and then mail you your prize!

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