Producing the Highest Catch Rates in Alaska!

Enjoy the amazing abundance and great fishing variety at Whalers’ Cove in calm, remote waters. These rich waters produce all five species of Pacific Salmon, Halibut, Gray (pacific) Cod, Black Cod (Sablefish), Ling Cod, Red Snapper and 20 other varieties of rockfish. Due to the natural quantity of herring, the salmon feed in this area for months before migrating to their home rivers. This is one of the world’s finest fisheries.

Our waters are a hundred miles from any other towns, so we enjoy wilderness fishing without day traffic pressure from commercial and sport fleets. You won’t find boats or planes from other lodges anchored where you want to fish. We enjoy productive fishing only 10-30 minutes from our dock, avoiding long boat rides. Calm waters, created by the sheltered weather effect of nearby islands, adds to the pleasure of fishing at Whaler’s Cove Lodge.

Adventure With Us! All-Inclusive Packages

Our Guides

We offer daily guided fishing with experienced United States Coast Guard licensed captains on our fleet of custom built 32′ diesel powered aluminum vessels, all safety equipment, fish coolers loaded with ice, all fishing gear and tackle, bait and fuel.

Fish Processing

We immediately process your catch to your specifications daily. All cuts are vacuum bagged and moved into the blast freezer as soon as it is processed. Your catch leaves with you as baggage or can be delivered to Fed Ex to make a speedy trip to your freezer. The quality of this product is world class and we take the time to be sure it is done right!

The Gear

All Rods, Reels, Downriggers, Tackle and Bai are all included! Other Gear we provide includes; Rain Gear, Rubber Calf Length Boots, Waders & Boots, All boating safety equipment required by USCG regulations

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