Alaskan Adventure Fishing!

Whaler’s Cove Lodge is the first destination lodge in legendary Alaska fishing with a dedicated salt water kayak fishing program!

Kayaks (derived from Inuktitut word “qajaq” or the Yup’ik word “qayaq”) were born in Alaska, so it is only fitting that you should fish and explore the way that the Aleut, Inuit, Inuktitut & Yup’ik people have since ancient times! Although our modern-day kayaks are not the skin covered wood or bone framed boats of ages past, the same ability to sneak up on game (in this case fish) holds true today.

With the latest Hobie rotomolded kayaks and the Hobie MirageDrive 180 pedal drive system, you can use your largest body muscles (your legs) while leaving your hands free to operate everything from a fishing pole to a go-pro camera!

Starting in 2018 we offer guided only salt water fishing adventure kayak trips based from mother ships. Our staff and guides will equip you and orient you to the kayak and gear, then transport you to any one of dozens of private and secluded fishing locations within 45 minutes of our remote lodge.

From there you can venture out from the mother ship and stalk Halibut, ling cod, pacific cod, pollock, 20 species of rockfish – including Alaskan Yellow Eye and Shortraker.  King, silver, pink & chum salmon are all abundant in our salt water fishing grounds.

Your guide will loiter in the area with you and our group of kayak anglers for your safety and comfort. Your (retained) catch can be off-loaded and iced on the mother ship as needed and will serve as a pit stop for mother nature calls or gear needs during your day.

Your guide will be close by and will document the measurement and assist releases of large fish, take pictures for you, and provide a hot cooked lunch! If you happen to hook into that monster barn door (80”+) halibut that you want to keep, your guide will help you do that too!

Please note that all federal guided angler halibut regulations apply to guided kayak fishing trips.

Kayaks & Kayaking Gear

Our fleet of Hobie Pro-Angler 14’ (solo) and Pro-Angler 17’ (tandem) dedicated fishing kayaks are completely set up for your Alaskan kayak fishing adventure.

We provide the following:

You Bring:

  • Layered clothing
  • Lightweight rain top
  • Gloves (also available for purchase in our gift shop)
  • Camera (waterproof recommended)
  • Go-Pro, mount and pole (compatible with 1” RAM ball mounts on boat)

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